Enjoying Better Technology

Enjoying Better Technology

  • Understanding Equipment Up Time Obstacles And Their Effects

    Customer support representatives will continue to nod, smile, and fish for more details when someone says "it's broke!", but technology leaders and tech early adopters need a more nuanced, engaged approach to stay on top. Understanding the potential applications, real failures, and recovery potential takes a level of hands of, but eyes on management that few systems can pull off without dumping piles of data that may as well be in Latin.

  • The Piezoelectric Effect And What It's Used For

    The word 'piezo' is short for piezoelectric and relates to the piezoelectric effect, which is the ability for materials to generate an electric charge as a result of mechanical stress being applied to it. This effect is unique because it is reversible and the materials generating the effect also exhibit the converse effect. So the piezo creates energy when stress is applied and also creates stress when electricity is applied.

  • Modernizing Campgrounds: Benefits Of Implementing A CMMS System

    Running a campground gives you the benefit of providing people experiences with Mother Nature, but it doesn't mean that you have to hinder the way your business is run because of it. Staying up to date with booking, supplies, and other campground needs can make it easier to manage your seasonal and day to day business needs. One way to help do this is by implementing a CMMS system into your business.

  • Smart Reasons to Leave Your Cable Television Subscription Behind

    Buying a brand new television with HD capabilities will enable you to watch programming with stellar picture quality. Consequently, you need to have your TV hooked up to a DVD player, cable box, satellite or streaming video service to be able to watch more than a couple of channels. For this reason, the majority of television owners in the US contract with cable companies that tend to charge extra for HD DVR recorders and extra perks.

  • Buying Ipv4 Addresses: What To Know

    As you start to examine other ways to invest your money other than real estate or the stock market, you may hear about the purchase and sales of websites and IPv4 addresses. This may be a new topic for you, but it can be an exciting way to buy an entity that could pay off in the months or years ahead. If you want to pick up some of these IPv4 addresses, you'll have to know and understand the following.

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