Enjoying Better Technology

Enjoying Better Technology

  • Why You Should Order Customized Barcode Labels Instead Of Making Your Own

    You might have decided that you need to purchase barcode labels for your products. You might want to take this step to make it easier for your commercial clients to put your products on the shelf, for example, or you might just want to use barcodes so that you can easily track your products when doing inventory or fulfilling orders. Either way, you might be interested in attempting to print your own barcode labels.

  • How Political Campaign Text Messaging Can Be Used For Running Candidates

    If you're running for an important political position, you need to leave no stone unturned as far as spreading your message and collecting votes. You'll have an easier time doing these things using political campaign text messaging. It's innovative and can be used in the following ways. Reminder of Voting Day Perhaps the biggest day for any running candidate for a political position is voting day. This is when people go out and submit who they want to fill different positions.

  • 3 Ways Outsourcing Your Medical Coding Will Benefit Your Practice

    Medical coding is a chore, but it's a necessity for any practice. It's a record that insurance companies can easily understand, allowing them to reimburse you for your services. Without coding, practices wouldn't have a viable revenue stream. However, hiring an in-house coder isn't always necessary—many are choosing to outsource medical coding services to a medical coding company instead. Using one is simple: you send a patient's electronic health records to the medical coding service after a patient visit, and they'll send the relevant ICD-10 codes back to you for billing purposes.

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